Below are just some of the reviews we have received from our readers about “The Money God”

“An erotic, compelling and unsettling story that will keep you engaged until the very end”
Livingston explores moments of touching tenderness, harsh reality, sadness and the insight of greed, guilt and a disenchanted life of a woman whose selfishness confronts her insecurities. You will learn where there is adversity comes growth and character. This book encompasses all of what one would do for money. Livingston is a natural and her writing involves you on a very deep level. You will not put this book down!

“Interesting, wide-ranging generational story”
At its core, this is a novel about deeply flawed mother-daughter relationships and the emotional scars — the hurt, the fear, the guilt — that motivate the characters’ actions. Livingston has written an interesting, wide-ranging generational story, with strong female characters challenged by intense hardships, and with a satisfying conclusion that ties up all the ends.

“A perfect summer read. I found myself drawn in from the first page. The storyline welcomes you with.”

“I started it Friday afternoon and didn’t want to put it down until it was finished.”
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“This is a powerful story with a strong message.”…
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“Overall this book was one that I would definitely recommend to all my reader who have daughters or who are connected to others with daughters!”…
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